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Renewing my focus

This fall I decided to renew my focus in my art business and I enrolled in an Art Biz bootcamp. It’s designed with weekly online modules that take you through the different aspects of marketing your art business.

One of the first tasks of the course was to commit to making art. It’s simple really….you need to create art so you have a body of work to market and sell. Over the past couple of years I have let my creative time go by, just painting here and there when I could fit it in. Other things seemed to take priority and it was easy to say ‘I’ll paint later’. Unfortunately ‘later’ doesn’t always come.

The homework from the first week of bootcamp was to set ‘studio hours’. Now each weekend I write out that week’s hours on a white board and I post them in my studio. Having set hours delivers the message that I take my art seriously andStudio Hours I am
willing to take the time I need for it. It keeps me accountable and productive and stops me from making excuses!

I didn’t realize how much I had missed painting regularly until I got back into it. It’s amazing how much momentum you get when you work at something consistently.

I’ll will be getting back to blogging on a more regular schedule too so I can share my work with you!

Updating my studio – Day 269

I’ve been busy working on updating my ‘studio’ lately. It used to be a bedroom but I took it over a few years ago as an office/studio space and it’s had a few reworkings since then.

I had a large shelving unit over the desk area which was relocated out to the garage to hold stuff out there. We took the doors off the closet to open up that area and I repainted the whole room.

I was trying to figure out the best way to deal with my work in progress and my finished work that I wanted to display. I finally decided on a narrow ‘shelf’ to go on the wall above my work table and along the opposite wall that I could prop my paintings up on. My father-in-law figured out how to do it (he’s the logistics guy) and he got it installed last week.

This weekend John and I found some great track lighting on sale so we bought that and got it installed (again with my father-in-law’s help!). I love how the lighting illuminates my art work on the walls but the rest of the room isn’t very bright. I’ve been looking at options for lighting my desk and I think I may have come up with something that will work. You’ll have to stay tuned on that one!

The black blinds over the window are going to be replaced with some nice airy drapery panels which should help lighten things up too.

Here’s the closet area – I have canvases stored in the alcove on the left, along with packing materials. The book shelf holds smaller canvases and frames, all my paint, brushes and solvents and my photos for future paintings.


This is my workspace with the new shelf up above.



and this is the opposite wall.



Day 26 – What makes a studio?

Today I had the pleasure of spending some time with my parents who live in Peterborough. My father, Bruce Stonehouse, is also an artist and we had two successful father-daughter exhibitions in 2011. They have a beautiful home and my dad has an amazing studio space with lots of natural light and a wonderful view of nature. I’m so jealous!

This got me thinking about the spaces I work in. What’s important in a ‘studio’? Well, obviously light is extremely important. And really, you need a space that is easy to work in. You need brushes at your fingertips and a good spot for the easel.

I have a studio/office space on the second floor of the house and currently that’s most of my canvasses are, both empty and drawn on. My husband suggested I move one of my two easels to the main floor of the house in front of a big window so I did that at Christmas time. It moves between my living room and dining room depending on the time of day and available light. Since I started painting at 6am today there wasn’t a lot of natural light so I moved the easel to the dining room and put my paints on the table. (I’m still working on the Muskoka chairs but I’ll spare you the photo for today!)

I’ve documented some of my Dream Studio ideas on Pinterest – feel free to take a look. If you’re interested in an invite to Pinterest just let me know and I’ll hook you up!


Here’s my dad in his studio. If you’d like to check out his work visit our joint site at www.stonehouseart-design.com