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A new card is up in my Etsy Shop! Day 214

My Orchid note cards are now up in my Etsy Shop. I plan on adding more listings in the next little while so stay tuned!

I have been spending quite a bit of time on Etsy trying to increase the number of views my shop gets. I’ve been following other members activities, visiting shops and adding other artists and craftspeople to my circle. I’ve checked out some of the forums as well and it seems to be a recurring theme that it takes a while to get sales.

I’ve decided to list items one every few days or even one a week. Apparently adding new items keeps your shop higher in searches and you can also be seen under ‘items recently added’ on the homepage. So many items are added each minute of each day that I’m not sure how effective that section is.

Last week I decided to try out the Search Ads feature. You decide which items you want to promote, select your keywords, set your maximum weekly budget, and follow your stats. When someone searches any of the keywords, your items will show up in the search results.

I set my budget for the week at $7 but ended up only spending $5.08 Although I didn’t have any sales I think it was worthwhile to try it. I’m not going to renew the ads right away just to see the difference in traffic to my shop and then decide if I’ll try it again in the future.

Etsy Search Ads Stats

The stats from my Etsy Search Ads.