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Amazing recreations of famous paintings – Day 230

Today I was looking for a bit of inspiration so I went to my usual source – Flipboard on my iPad. Sure enough, I found some incredible things compiled by their Cool Curators including these recreations of famous paintings by Korean artist Lee Kyu-Hak that can be seen on Colossal’s website. Very cool!

Lee creates beautiful mixed-media paintings (mosaics?) by wrapping small wooden wedges with colored newsprint that mimic the brushstrokes of famous artists.

Kyu Hak

Back from vacation – Day 192

Today was my first day back at work after my two week vacation and I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle. When the alarm went off at 5am I was snuggled in with the cat and the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. I did get up and start my day, however I felt groggy and yawned for most of it!

Over my holidays I painted everyday. It wasn’t for a long period of time really (I was on vacation after all) but I did make progress on the little fall palette knife painting and the larger fall painting that I’ve had in the works for years. I also did some sketches and paintings on the iPad, which has quickly become an indispensable tool.

Here’s an iPad painting I did over my holiday using the Art Rage app – it’s one of our big planters filled with annuals. It was nice to use the iPad for that again, it had been a while.


Playing with some abstract ideas – Day 141

It was another beautiful day and we spent the majority of it out in the garden again. John and I started discussing our ideas for the acrylic abstract painting I want to do for above the outdoor fireplace on our deck. I’m going to have to find the best way to produce and protect the painting so that it doesn’t get destroyed outdoors.

I played a bit with the different tools in Art Rage, Procreate and Brushes on my iPad to try to come up with some sketches for this painting. John wants to see red and yellow although I mentioned that wouldn’t exactly match with the pink and purple flowers we have all over the deck. I did a couple of sketches with John’s colours and one with just pink and aqua to see what it would be like. We are still quite a ways from deciding what we’d like and getting the painting done!





Back to the iPad for a change – Day 129

Today I decided to do something completely different. I’ve been on Google+ for a while now although I admit I don’t go there very often. Since they haven’t bothered to come up with an iPad app it’s been a bit of a pain to go there. Yesterday I found the iShare+ app which has made accessing my Google+ stream so much better!

I’ve had artist and teacher Daniel Ibanez in my circles for a while but it wasn’t until I checked out his stream this morning that I found he uses Google+ hangouts to offer a Digital Painting 101 class. I looked at some of the videos and then I decided to try one of the homework assignments. It’s done using Art Rage on my iPad and I use my finger, not a brush.

The instructions were fairly simple (these are paraphrased from Daniel’s post):
Outline the basic shape and don’t fuss too much. Block in the values – start with the darks, then the mid-tones and then the highlights. Define the edges – is it hard, soft or lost? Refine.

Here is the reference photo:

Here is my digital painting:

It was interesting to play with the different tools – oil painting brush, airbrush, pencil, technical pen. Everything has different properties and is used for a different purpose. I spent a lot of time fiddling to see what gave the best effect. I’m pleased with it and I’ve learned a lot…which was the idea!

Some more cool stuff – Day 87

I’m still working on the portrait but since I can’t show it to you (yet) I thought I’d share some more cool artwork I’ve found.

When I got my iPad I found the Flipboard app and I realized that this is where people find a lot of the neat stuff they share online. It’s easy to find and easy to share, unlike on my PC where I kind of have to know what I’m looking for before I find it.

So today’s cool stuff comes from Twisted Sifter, a curator that I follow on Flipboard. They’ve featured Alberto Seveso who photographs ink plumes underwater. They’re fascinating…I hope you enjoy them.20120327-200150.jpg

A school presentation! Day 67

Today my Dad and I went to Alexandra Public School in Lindsay, Ontario to speak to Mrs. Stone’s Grade 4 and 5 class about art.

Mrs. Stone’s class had visited our exhibition at The Lindsay Gallery back in November. A few of the students made cards for us, thanking us for the exhibit and telling us what paintings they liked and why. They were really touching and meant a lot to us. We emailed Mrs. Stone and she invited us to come and speak to the children. Today was the day!

The kids wanted to learn how to draw people and animals so we went over some basics on that – where to put the eyes, nose and mouth and the shapes of the face- and also touched on negative space and tones and highlights. My dad brought out a series of self-portraits he drew in university featuring him falling from a ladder, walking on a suspension bridge and hanging by his fingers from a building. The kids loved them!

We also talked about the tools that we use – paint, brushes, canvas, easel, pencils, paper and of course the iPad. I took the iPad around to each student (all 28 of them) and they each added something to this painting of the beach. I think it’s pretty fantastic!


Laid back on Day 63

I took a good look at Tied to a Dream today and there a few things that need attention. I resisted working on it today and will tackle that tomorrow. I will probably find a few more things that bother me in the meantime!

Today was pretty laid back. It wasn’t a very nice day outside – light rain and really high winds – so it was a good inside day. My husband and I managed to get our taxes done and since we were downstairs I worked on the drawing for the trilliums since it was handy.

I discovered that there are iPad apps for cats (who knew?) so I had to download some and check them out. Boo enjoyed chasing the mice the best!


Painting – canvas and iPad on Day 52

I worked on Tied to a Dream again this morning but it was slow going. I’m just feeling tired these days….February always does that to me.

To shake things up a bit I took a bit of time to do a painting on my iPad using the Art Rage app. I tried to work quickly and not think too much. I just wanted to have some fun with it.


Moving on – Day 46

It’s official, the Muskoka chairs are done! I signed my name to it this morning. The next step is to frame it which will hopefully happen this weekend. My dad showed me how to make a frame from trim from the hardware store – simple and effective. Thank you for your suggestions on names for this painting! Stay tuned to find out which one was chosen!

I have taken a big step by hiring a photographer to take high resolution photos of my paintings. Mark Ridout is an incredible photographer who works in the Lindsay area. He took my profile photo too! I’m having photos done of all the paintings I currently have for sale and then I’ll be looking at possibly getting prints done of them.There’s a lot for me to learn in this new business of mine!

Here’s a little video I put together in iMovie for iPad of the evolution of the Muskoka chairs painting.

Acceptance that everything isn’t going to be perfect – Day 31

Today’s contribution to my “365 days of drawing” is a quick sketch that I did during a meeting today. I was only an observer in the meeting. Since I had my iPad with me so I took the opportunity to do a sketch of the stunning chandelier in the historical council chambers at City Hall. It is a really beautiful building and the chandelier is a real showpiece. This sketch doesn’t do it justice.

And that was today’s challenge. I don’t like to think of myself as a perfectionist (although I’ve been labelled that in the past) but I do have high standards and I expect a lot of myself. One of the reasons I have been reluctant to pursue my art professionally is that I am my own worst critic. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things ‘perfectly’….to do drawings and paintings that meet my own very high standards.

Today I sketched quickly during the meeting and then worked on refining it when I got home. And then I forced myself to stop. I’m still fighting the urge to open the Brushes app and go back to it to fiddle some more.

I am working to get comfortable with the idea that my artwork doesn’t always have to be in a ‘perfect’ state and that every sketch I do allows me to learn and grow. I want to stop pressuring myself to do things a certain way and open myself up to new experiences…and to failure…since that’s really when we learn the most in life.

So here is today’s ‘imperfect’ sketch!