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A bit of a holiday – Day 301

My husband and I have been off work this week and we went away for a few days to Niagara Falls. We had a great time and did some much-needed shopping. As nice as it is to get away, it’s even nicer to get back home. We returned yesterday to an absolutely gorgeous day – sunny and 22C – so we spent the afternoon and evening outdoors trying to soak it all up.

I did a few little sketches on my iPad while we were gone although there wasn’t anything too exciting in the hotel room to draw. It was nice to get back to my palette knife paintings today. I finished off the little landscape and did a new one of an outdoor lantern and some climbing roses. I will take a look at it tomorrow and decide if it’s done or not. I also got the edges painted on a few more boards so they’re ready to go.

I want to get a few more of the palette knife paintings finished for the Extravaganza Gift Show which is a week tomorrow at the Victoria Park Armoury in Lindsay. I’ve been working on the layout for my booth and starting to pull together my inventory list and the signage I need. I’ve got new business cards coming and some 8×10 prints on fine art paper that are matted to 11×14. I’m hoping for a very successful day!


On vacation!

For the next two weeks my husband and I are on vacation! We aren’t going too far from home although we have a couple little trips planned. We have some outdoor projects to work on including a new bigger pond. I’ll share it with you when it’s done.

Blog posts will be sporadic but rest assured, I’ll be drawing or painting every day!

Thinking too much – Day 88

My husband and I are getting ready to leave on our holiday tomorrow so things have been busy. I have a list of things to get done at work before I go, and another list of things to do at home, and yet another list of things I can’t forget to pack.

This morning I tried out the Buddha Board. I started ‘painting’ on it and immediately thought I should make sure I painted something really nice because I should take a picture of it to show all of you. And then I felt stressed….which I realized completely defeats the purpose of the Buddha Board! So then I made a conscious effort to not think and just enjoy the brushstrokes. There is something very calming about not worrying about what you’re doing and who’s going to see it. And then it just fades away, like it was never there!

I did end up taking a picture but it was after most of my ‘painting’ had faded away.


My plan is to paint in the morning but this will be my last blog for a week or so. I’ve got my sketchbook and pencils packed and will update you on my daily drawings when I get back!