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The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival was a great experience

This past weekend I was at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival and it was fantastic! This was my first year and I didn’t know what to expect but I am really pleased with how things went.

John and I went up Friday morning (it’s about a 45 minute drive from home) to get the booth set up. We got checked in at about 8:30am and went to our booth in the Community Centre They have all the booths already constructed out of plywood and painted which is so great. It was pretty awesome to see my name at the top! I was at the end of the aisle and there were only two of us on the back wall.

Buckhorn empty booth

It took us almost four hours to set up but we took our time. We didn’t run into any major snags and only had to make one trip to the hardware store for a power bar for our lights.

Buckhorn set up 1

John had brought a tape measure and a level but we quickly discarded them and just went by eye.

Buckhorn set up 2

And we were all set to go!

Buckhorn finished booth Buckhorn booth

Friday night was the Preview Night Garden Party so I dressed up. We had all kinds of family and friends come – it really was a party!

Buckhorn Friday Night

The crowds were consistent all weekend and I there was a lot of interest in my work. So many compliments!

Buckhorn Saturday

I was lucky to have great neighbours – Bronson Smith from Peterborough, Julia Conlon from Windsor and Charles Leung from Lindsay. They were a lot of fun and offered great advice and support. Thank you!

On Saturday night there was a dinner for the artists and volunteers and we had a great time. It was great to meet Henry Fernandes, Yvonne de Viller, Dave & Jane Bigham, and Malcolm Madsen. We also got to chat with Michael Dumas and his wife Ellen who have been long-time volunteers at the festival (Michael wasn’t exhibiting this year). It was wonderful to hear about their experiences at this show and others and once again the advice and support were amazing.

Now it’s time to get ready for the Victoria County Studio Tour in October!

Feeling the pressure – Day 305

I’m now only a few days away from my first gift show and I’m feeling the pressure! I have a 10′ x 12′ booth space booked for the Extravaganza Gift Show on Saturday and I’ve been running around trying to get everything I need.

Originally my plan was to rent or make booth ‘walls’ that I could hang my paintings and prints on. I ran into a dead end on that so instead I decided to make use of the two tables that they’ll be providing for me. I’ve been collecting boxes of different sizes that I can use to create different levels on the tables. I found these spiffy little tabletop easels that I can use to present my palette knife paintings and I will be borrowing some full size easels from my dad for the larger prints.

I found some nice ‘trays’ to put my cards in so they’re easy to see and I have a nice basket for my matted paper prints.

The biggest stumbling block has been finding tablecloths. Who knew it would be so difficult to find plain white tablecloths? I’ve been to every store in town and haven’t found anything suitable. I guess I’m going to have to venture a little further afield to see what I can find. I even checked at the dry cleaners to see if they rented them, and no luck there either.

I’ve got nice plastic boutique bags being delivered in the next day or two and I’ve got a brand new sales receipt book. My prints, new business cards and stickers for the back of my prints will be coming from Spitting Images too.

Unfortunately I came down with a cold a couple of days ago so I’ve been moving slowly. I had been panicking about getting the palette knife paintings done but I’ve decided instead to concentrate on making sure everything is packed up and ready to go for Saturday instead. If I happen to get another palette knife painting done then it’ll be a bonus!