Renewing my focus

This fall I decided to renew my focus in my art business and I enrolled in an Art Biz bootcamp. It’s designed with weekly online modules that take you through the different aspects of marketing your art business.

One of the first tasks of the course was to commit to making art. It’s simple really….you need to create art so you have a body of work to market and sell. Over the past couple of years I have let my creative time go by, just painting here and there when I could fit it in. Other things seemed to take priority and it was easy to say ‘I’ll paint later’. Unfortunately ‘later’ doesn’t always come.

The homework from the first week of bootcamp was to set ‘studio hours’. Now each weekend I write out that week’s hours on a white board and I post them in my studio. Having set hours delivers the message that I take my art seriously andStudio Hours I am
willing to take the time I need for it. It keeps me accountable and productive and stops me from making excuses!

I didn’t realize how much I had missed painting regularly until I got back into it. It’s amazing how much momentum you get when you work at something consistently.

I’ll will be getting back to blogging on a more regular schedule too so I can share my work with you!