A new spring-time visitor this year

We live in a subdivision but it’s kind of out in the country. Our backyard backs onto a farmer’s field so we’re not strangers to wildlife….however we’ve had a few interesting visitors over the past couple of years.

Last spring we had a porcupine come and make himself at home in our pine tree. My husband named him “Charlie” which made a little difficult to try to get rid of him! It took my brother-in-law with his live trap to finally relocate him waaaaaay far away from here.

Yesterday, we saw this little guy in our backyard. Turns out he’s a possum! I didn’t think we had them in this area but apparently they have made themselves quite at home in Southern Ontario. The cat wasn’t terribly impressed with him and on further investigation it looks like he might be making himself at home under our deck. John has put our brother-in-law Rob on alert that we may require his trap and expertise once again. Sigh.




possum and cat

7 thoughts on “A new spring-time visitor this year

      1. The Howling Mad Cat

        This is the mistress (Ellie). We have a lot of them here in New York state (I live along the Hudson River). Once I let the dog out the back door–she went around the huge bush and out of sight–when I saw her, she was nose to nose to a possum! Wish I’d had a camera! LOL

      2. Kim

        Ive never found any city wildlife to be a bother…they know how to stay away from us even if they live under our porch…please dont relocate them…just live with them…yesterday I saw a groundhog in our back yard, practically downtown windsor!! wonderful!! And the poor ugly opossum…can’t get no respect..lol

        1. bl.stonehouse@gmail.com Post author

          The possum has either moved on or is keeping to himself because we haven’t seen him for a while!

  1. ebbtide679

    The only ones I ever saw were squished on the road. I did see one alive once but it ran in front of my car and, whoops, I squished it! So sad.

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