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I’ve joined Fine Art America and I’ve listed a few of my prints for sale. After having very little success with my Etsy shop I have done a lot of research into other online sales options for my artwork. Fine Art America offers all kinds of benefits along with a great Print on Demand service. I like that option because then I don’t have to keep a whole lot of inventory and my customers can choose the exact size and type of print they want.

I only have three images at the moment on my page as I have done limited edition prints of my other paintings. Like other online options it’s really up to the artist to drive traffic to their page but they provide integration with Twitter and Facebook and also an e-newsletter module which I’m going to look into further. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Fine Art America

11 thoughts on “Another online presence

    1. bstonehouse

      I’ll keep you in the loop on how it goes. I haven’t seen the prints myself yet but all the reviews and comments I’ve seen have said the prints are very high quality and the service is very professional. There are a number of high profile artists that use it and that was key in my decision to try it.

  1. kevincameronartist

    Hi. I’ve tried RedBubble just last year but haven’t really done a lot of self promotion. I bought a print for myself and thought the quality was quite good. However I’m not sure about pricing. These online services have to take their cut, of course but that seems to put the price up too high in my opinion. I’m really starting to think that owning a good quality printer, although costing a few thousand, might pay off in the long run since the cost could be lowered. (Hope I’m not being too verbose here). Then a person could have draws and giveaways on small prints without dipping into the rent or grocery fund. Also you can do a google search on which art vendors are getting searched more. Just go to Google trends. I just did one and it showed Redbubble was way higher than Imagekind…maybe this helps and maybe you already did this. I will check back to see how it goes. All the best!

    1. bstonehouse

      Thanks Kevin. There are so many options out there and it’s hard to tell which one will work the best. I’ve been working with a local company to do my prints and I’m very happy with their quality but it’s hard to decide what sizes and quantities to get when I have to keep inventory. I will need some inventory for my shows later this year but I thought I’d give the print-on-demand stuff a whirl. I’ll check out Redbubble too!

  2. lisa foster

    Hi. I haven’t had much luck on fine art america.Just a few hits here and there. I just put some of my originals on there, hoping to get interest that I can send to my etsy shop. I’ve only had my FAA thing going for a few months and just started my etsy shop. Your images are beautiful, I hope you do well.

      1. lisa foster

        I read a post somewhere about FAA that to be successful you need to upload images on a daily basis or at least several times/week. I expected to do that when I first signed up (rotate them), but it just hasn’t happened. I only have images of some of my older work and some of my photography on there. I figure, if nothing else, it’s a good place to send customers if they want a specific image. Then I can upload it for them. Same thing for etsy, I suppose… However, of my newer work, I’m only selling reproductions of work I’ve already sold. I haven’t sold that many prints at shows, my note cards, on the other hand have sold pretty well. I need to get a higher resolution camera to do larger prints (or get more work scanned.)

        1. bstonehouse

          I’ve heard the same thing for Etsy as well. Unfortunately I don’t produce new work that quickly so I don’t have the ‘inventory’ I need to constantly be adding images. I did find that by re-listing items on Etsy I did get more views but that hasn’t translated into sales. I’d love to hear how you make out as it goes along!

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