The trilliums are finished!

The painting of the trilliums is finished! What do you think? I’m taking it to the photographer on Monday so I can have a high res photo to do prints from. The original is already sold – how cool is that? trilliums

16 thoughts on “The trilliums are finished!

  1. soloneili

    Simply stunning, well done but how can you let your children go like this? LOL. You are really talented and it shows. Did I hear the crack of a twig just? Beautiful.

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you so much! A friend of mine bought the painting so I’ll still have visiting rights. And I’ve worked on it for so long I’m not too sad to see it go, lol. Time for something new!

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    1. Post author

      Yes Jean I do have limited editions prints available. I will email you with the details!

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