I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately so today I decided I needed some colour. I got out the little painting of the poppies again and I think I’ve finished it. I’ll leave it for a couple of days and decide if it needs any touching up.

I always find January and February are tough months to get through. Between the short days and the cold weather I just want to hibernate. I was looking through some photos and noticed our tulips from last spring. We planted a bunch more this year so I’m excited to see what comes up….and where, since the squirrels were busy relocating them in the fall!



5 thoughts on “Poppies!

  1. ebbtide679

    Hi! In following you I get the impression that winter brings you down. It did me too until I started to really looking at the snow. It’s snowing right now and every branch has a little puff of snow on it. Like thousands of cotton balls. It’s so lovely. Have you ever painted branches covered in snow? I think you would be wonderful at it. There is such beauty in the wintertime!

    1. bstonehouse

      I love the snow! I just wish we had more of it like when I was a kid. The weather changes in the winter really affect my migraines which bring me down big time. It’s funny you mention painting trees with snow because I’m actually drawing that out on a canvas now! My husband took a gorgeous picture of trees all laden with snow with a church steeple showing through them. It’s gorgeous! It’s going to be a challenge to paint for sure. I’m targeting that for this year’s Christmas card!

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