Moving along

I’ve been making steady progress on the trilliums. For seem reason I seem to be working from the bottom to the top on this painting. I’m excited to get to the fence but I’ve been strict about getting the area underneath it done first. It’s a lot of different branches that are a little tricky.

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to get back into regular exercise again. I went to boxing tonight and had a great time. I did boxing for a couple of years but stopped because of an injury. I then did boot camp for a while but I ended up with a serious neck and shoulder injury there. I’ve been out of commission for over a year so I’m well overdue to get back into shape! Luckily the boxing training was just like riding a bike….it all came right back!

Here are some shots of the trillium painting.



7 thoughts on “Moving along

  1. ebbtide679

    I have recently moved to the mountains in NC and have found out about trilliums and have fallen in love. I am an avid gardener. I’ve ordered at least 5 different species. I also used to draw in a former life. To get to the point, your painting could be of the front boarder of my new home. It is really quite lovely. Can’t wait to see it finished!

    1. bstonehouse

      I would love to see photos of your gardens! I never thought of there being that many different types of trilliums. Here in Ontario they grow wild and the ground is just blanketed with them in wooded areas in the spring. Perhaps I need to think about putting some in my garden!

      1. ebbtide679

        Come Spring & Summer I’ll take some new photos of my garden. I planted so many things I can’t wait to see them come up. The northeast has many, many species of Trilliums. NC has 10 species that grow wild, all protected. I can’t imagine blankets of them!

  2. emjayzed

    Your work is amazing, it astounds me every time. I love it.

    I can relate to your return to fitness, I too am doing the same after a not so brief hiatus. I think I have an exercise hangover today!

    1. bstonehouse

      Congrats on getting back into exercising! It’s tough, isn’t it? All my muscles are hurting but I’m also feeling stronger so that’s helping me to keep at it.

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