Enjoying the Holidays – Day 363

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a house full of family with lots of food and lots of laughter. My boys, John’s parents and my parents were with us for Christmas dinner and then my sister and her family stopped by afterwards. John got to play video games with the boys and I got the chance to get caught up with everyone. On Boxing Day I went to my parents for their holiday open house and saw some relatives I hadn’t seen in a while which was really nice.

Of course with all this hustle and bustle came the Christmas cold so I’ve been trying to take it easy for the past couple of days. I’m thankful to be off work so I have the time to rest and get better. I made a big pot of turkey soup today so that should quickly put me on the road to recovery!

The trilliums are back – the painting was at my friend’s house for a while even though it wasn’t finished – and it’s nice to be working on it again.

There is a fair amount of detail in this one and I’m working on the second layer of paint – refining and enhancing the edges and deepening the colours. It may need a third layer in places by the looks of it. This may take a while.


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