Painting canvases….and walls – Day 353

I’ve almost completed the commissioned oil painting for Christmas. A few little things and then it will be framed and off to its new owner! I’m looking forward to being able to share it with you.

This morning I started on my other Christmas commission – an acrylic palette knife painting of a beautiful fall landscape. It has to be done before Friday so I need to get moving! I also have to get all my Christmas baking done and packaged up by the end of the week as well so it’s going to be busy.

As if there wasn’t enough going on, John and I decided to repaint the rec room before the holidays since we have family coming. John took the pine paneling off the two walls and his father spent most of last week here filling the holes and sanding to get it ready for painting. What a sweetheart! The room was a grayish-green colour and the new colour is an off-white that we’ve been using through the house. I like the neutral walls with the colour coming from my paintings and my plants.

Saturday we got it primed and painted and even got the carpet cleaned and yesterday we got the furniture put back. Now all we need is the Christmas tree….I’ll have to get that up sometime before December 25th!