Another online option – Day 342

I’ve been looking at different options for online sales as my Etsy shop has worked out as well as I hoped. I know these things take time but I’ve had very few daily views lately (ok, sometimes none) and I’ve been looking for other ways that artists have been successful selling online.

I’ve noticed recently a lot of artists using Fine Art America. You can sell your art through this site and they also provide a print on demand service for prints. The customer can order a print in any size and choose a mat and frame as well and everything is handled by Fine Art America. There are also options for cards too. How awesome would it be to not have to worry about inventory?

They have a free standard account and the premium account is only $30 a year. They have all kinds of neat options including licensing your artwork for TV. They have an agreement with ABC to provide artwork for their series ‘Desperate Housewives’. Each piece of artwork used has to be licensed with a signed agreement with the artist. As a premium member you agree to have your artwork licensed for television and your prints available for sale to ABC. This is kind of cool and something I never even knew was an option for artists!

I’m interested in hearing from people who have had experience with Fine Art America – has it been good for you?


4 thoughts on “Another online option – Day 342

  1. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    It’s a good site, the only drawback is that it is huge. Some 2 million paintings and photos, maybe even more by now. You might have noticed that about 500-700 new members join every single day. It is kind of hard to get votes on the art or get it up on the extremely long list. I’d advice you join some groups, that way you could get your artwork at least featured and draw attention to it that way. I have sold some stuff, but not that often. Some artists comment on everyone’s work every single day and try to get noticed in such a manner. There is a bestseller list, and it’s extremely hard to get on it. Buyers usually check out that first. Recently sold is also a good list, but it’s useful only if you have sold something. One is for sure: this site provides good internet presence if you are tagging your art right.

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you very much – this is very helpful! I noticed it was huge…that’s the problem with Etsy as well. At least with Fine Art America it is just art and paintings aren’t lost in a myriad of crafts and jewelry. For both it seems you need to drive your own traffic there. I really like the idea of people being able to choose their size and framing and that I don’t have to keep that inventory.

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