Looking for other ways to sell online – Day 334

I’ve been disappointed with Etsy lately as the views of my shop have decreased dramatically. A couple of weeks ago I decided to use the search ads feature and set my budget at $35 a week. When someone on Etsy uses a keyword in the search bar that I’ve used on one of my listings then that listing shows up on the page. I didn’t even get close to spending my budget – in one week I only spent $3!

I think perhaps Etsy has gotten too big and it’s just too hard to be noticed. I like the way my shop is set up and I’ve spent quite a bit of time to modify my listings so I can be noticed but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I want to keep my shop but it may be time to branch out a bit.

Today I started looking around for other online venues to sell my paintings and prints online. Holy cow are there ever a lot! I’ve been looking through them one by one and I’m slowly narrowing it down to sites that specialize in art.

I’m intrigued with Artsy Home. This is how they describe themselves:

We exist to show and sell your work as décor. ArtsyHome will market your works to interior designers, commercial decorators, upscale homeowners & others. Our audience knows what they like, has the need, and can afford to purchase your work.

It sounds promising! It’s worth a little more research to see what kind of experience other artists have had there. Do you use Artsy Home or site other than Etsy? What has your experience been?


2 thoughts on “Looking for other ways to sell online – Day 334

  1. Zach Bennett


    Thank you for mentioning ArtsyHome. We’re very focused on being advocates for the artists who sell their work on our site and we’re not as “commercialized” as some of the other options. If you call us, you’ll get tech support from the same person who manages the site its self, as opposed to someone who doesn’t know how to help you. Our customers are very loyal and when they find an artist they adore, they’ll keep coming back so we see a lot of repeat business for our artists. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you get started with ArtsyHome.


    Zach Bennett | ArtsyHome Web Manager

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