A change of plans – Day 333

Well, my plan had been to work on the commission this morning. Unfortunately, that was sidelined by a migraine that hit yesterday and got worse overnight. I was in bed most of the day but the migraine fog thankfully started to clear this evening.

I did spend time on the sky and the water in the commission (it’s a gift so I can’t show you) but I was quite shaky today because of the migraine so details were out of the question.

I decided to paint the edges of my current paintings black. This is usually something I do once I’m finished but then I have to wait for it to dry before I put it in to a frame. I did 3 edges on the commission and the trilliums – the 4th edge will be done once the other 3 are dry – and all 4 edges on the poppies.

I know people think art is quite glamorous – passion and inspiration colliding to make beautiful images – but sometimes the reality is that the edges just need to be painted black!




4 thoughts on “A change of plans – Day 333

  1. BreOfficialBlog

    I know I can’t see the other side of the arts ( the whole art piece ) but just from here..your art is fantastically beautiful ( just from what I “can” see ). Have a lovely day. God Bless

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