A pivotal moment…or two – Day 320

I’m still on top of the world after meeting Robert Bateman on Monday night! Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about the evening and how it ended up being such a significant event for me.

While I was waiting for my father in the Bay Side Gallery I took the opportunity to admire all the wonderful art on the walls. A woman approached me and mentioned that she was asking how people knew about the event and the gallery in order to help her husband. It was Ellen Dumas, wife of renowned wildlife artist Michael Dumas. We had a lovely chat and when she asked for my email address I gave her my card. We got talking about my art and she encouraged me to enter the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival’s art competition that she organizes. I mentioned I had participated years ago and the conversation turned to my current work. She then encouraged me to apply to be a vendor at the show as they are always looking for new talent. I was thrilled!

My husband and I visited the Buckhorn show this summer. I’ve been before but it was his first time and we were both impressed. Every year it just gets better! When I first started painting I submitted work to the art competition a couple years in a row. I never won anything but always enjoyed seeing the works that were submitted. Earlier this year, I had considered applying to be a vendor but I didn’t think I was good enough. Because of my conversation with Ellen, I’m going to work on my application for the show as they do the jurying early in the new year. You never know until you try, right?

By far though, the most profound moment of the evening for me was when I was describing my painting of the trilliums to Robert Bateman. I finished by saying although the painting wasn’t done, it was already sold. He looked at me and said, then you’re successful.

It was on the tip of my tongue to say no, I’m not……and then I realized that yes, I am! My last few paintings have either sold before I’ve finished them or have been commissions. I’ve been selling my limited edition prints consistently and I’ve been building my name in the community as an artist.

That one comment from him has completely changed my outlook. I AM a successful artist….Robert Bateman has said so! I am worthy of being a vendor in a successful art show like the one in Buckhorn, and I deserve the recognition that I’ve worked for.

It will be interesting to see how this new positive outlook affects my work going forward. Right now, I feel I can do anything.

Thank you Robert Bateman!

Robert Bateman in front of one of his incredible paintings.

Amazing work by Michael Dumas


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