Upside down or right side up? Day 302

I’ve been laying out some palette knife paintings on board – just blocking in the background colours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to the back of the board and I did them upside down!

My father-in-law has been making the boards for me and has put notches in the back on two sides so it can be hung either horizontally or vertically. I always forget to check the back to see if the board is the right way up…..luckily I noticed before I got too far into the paintings today.

I’ve joked that my father-in-law should just put the notches on all 4 sides so I don’t have to worry about it…I’m starting to think that might be the best idea!

Perhaps I should put a sticky note on the stack of boards reminding me to check whether it’s right side up!


2 thoughts on “Upside down or right side up? Day 302

  1. Katherine

    Sounds like something I would do. Maybe you’re on to something… I’ve heard of the artist painting the composition upsidedown, even with an upsidedown reference photo… But you could be the first to paint it rightsideup, then HANG it upsidedown! Maybe start a new trend! 😉

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