Palette knife painting done – Day 278

This morning I completed the little palette knife painting. Finally.

The other day I gave myself a bit of a talking to. I had to remind myself that the palette knife paintings are supposed to be quick and fun….not detailed like my oil paintings.

I’ve been messing about with this little palette knife painting of the pine tree forever it seems and I haven’t been happy with it. Turns out it’s a matter of perspective. My in-laws were over on the weekend to help with yet another home improvement project (what would I do without them?). They were in my studio checking out my work and they both loved the palette knife painting that I wasn’t happy with. They pointed out areas they thought were fantastic and all of a sudden I saw it differently.

This morning I touched up a couple of little things and then painted the edges black and all of a sudden it was done! I’ve started a couple others….stay tuned for updates on those.


4 thoughts on “Palette knife painting done – Day 278

  1. cherylpeddie

    Lol! I’ve given myself a number of those ‘talking-to’s’, too! Your pine tree looks great. I love how it’s a little bent and ragged from the wind. Keep up the great work!

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