My first Etsy sale! Day 277

I finally had a sale through my Etsy shop! A woman from Colorado purchased the Tied to a Dream II note card. It wasn’t a big sale (cards are $5 plus shipping) but I was thrilled to finally sell something online.

I was actually commenting to a friend just yesterday that I may have to reconsider using Etsy as my online store since I hadn’t had any sales and the views of my shop and my listings were pretty dismal. Imagine my surprise when I received the order today!

Apparently Etsy sellers get pretty creative with their packaging so I had to do something a little extra rather than just putting the card in an envelope and into the mail. I found some nice tissue paper with little sparkles in it (but not the kind that gets all over everything!) and wrote the purchaser a little thank you note. I also put a business card in.

Hopefully it arrives safely to her home and she shows it to all her friends and family 🙂


11 thoughts on “My first Etsy sale! Day 277

  1. Amanda Lynn

    Congrats on your first sale. I have felt that same dismay about my Etsy shop at times too, but you’re right that first sale has something so satisfying about it that just drives you to keep working. Good luck in the future for your sales as well. 😀

  2. Bruce Stonehouse

    It’s like opening a new jar of pickles: you twist, grunt , twist again and then POP. Congrats!

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