Starting the second layer – Day 276

This morning I started on the second layer of paint on the trilliums. I probably should be doing some palette knife paintings for the gift show in November but I just had to get back to this painting.

I had quite a few people ask today why it needed a second layer of paint since it looked finished to them. The second layer allows me to refine the details and deepen the colour and contrast. In some areas it may even take three layers…only time will tell. If you were to see the painting in person you would see how rough it is in spots…it’s hard to see it clearly in photographs.

This morning I worked on the bottom left corner, starting with the leaves and then deepening the dark brown of the background. You can see the difference between the leaves that have the second layer and the ones that don’t…the ones with just one layer look rough and the the colour is kind of splotchy. At least I hope you can tell the difference!


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