Looking at grants – Day 272

Last evening I attended a presentation at The Lindsay Gallery by the Ontario Arts Council. They are a granting agency funded by the provincial government and was founded to foster the creation and production of art. Janice gave a great overview of their programs and provided information about how to fill out the applications. She took the time to go around the room and ask what everyone was interested in and she spent the time covering those topics.

I received an Ontario Arts Council grant last year for my exhibition with my father at The Lindsay Gallery. It was an Exhibition Assistance Grant and it was really helpful in covering costs for framing my paintings and for transportation of the work to the gallery.

I am interested in the Visual Artists Grant program that provides funding for artists to create new work. I would be considered an emerging artist (at least 3 years of professional practice and an exhibition record) and the grant is for $5000. The deadline to apply is in December so I have some time to think about what I’d like to do or if this is something I really want to pursue. There are so many options!

Meanwhile, the palette knife painting is coming along!