Making some plans – Day 261

I’ve been working on my to-do list for the upcoming Extravaganza gift show that I’m going to be in on November 3rd in Lindsay and I have to admit I’m getting a little overwhelmed. Not only do I have to figure out my booth and how I’m going to display my work but I have to produce work to sell! I want to do a number of the small palette knife paintings as they’re originals but reasonably priced and I’ve had a number of people interested in them.

I was going over the list with my husband John last night and was saying I was concerned about being able to get everything done. He reminded me that when I made my New Year’s resolution it was to draw or paint every day, not to blog every day. I thought about that and realized that he was right and perhaps it was time to reassess things. I had been putting pressure on myself to not only find creative time but to find blogging time too. I have a habit of creating a lot of expectations for myself!

So……I’m not going to be blogging quite as often so I can get in some more studio time. I’ll still be updating you on the progress of my work and sharing the cool stuff that I come across but it may not be every day.

I’m making really good progress on the trillium painting but I may have to put it aside while I do some palette knife paintings. I worked on it this morning for over an hour.


2 thoughts on “Making some plans – Day 261

  1. Mollie Pearce McKibbon

    Not blogging every day makes sense to me. You may have noticed I manage a blog once every ten days (a little to infrequent perhaps). Got to find the happy medium. Good luck with your upcoming display and sales. The trillium painting is lovely.

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