Oh the things I could do….Day 239

Today I went on a shopping spree at Curry’s Art Supplies in Whitby. It’s a bit of a drive – about 45 minutes each way – so I try to make the most of it when I get there.

They had my favourite brushes on sale, along with the acrylics I’ve been using for my palette knife paintings. They also had my brand of Titanium White oil paint buy one, get one free…..who could resist?

Then I saw this three pack of canvases and my mind starting filling with ideas of what I wanted to put on them.

Oh the things I could do!


2 thoughts on “Oh the things I could do….Day 239

  1. Elisa Cashiola

    Lol, I know the feeling! My local art store had a sale, too and I couldn’t resist either. Now I’m back into making a print 🙂
    Have a happy time painting!

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