Inspired by colour and light – Day 234

At the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival on the weekend I was drawn to the work of a couple of artists mainly because of their use of colour and light.

Margarethe Vanderpas paints beautiful landscapes with the most stunning colours. She paints a lot off the northern Ontario landscape which I’ve always found so beautiful. I also love her paintings of water – the rocks underneath the water and the play of the sun off the surface is just incredible.



Daniel Colby’s paintings of house entrances caught my eye. I love the way he uses the light to bring in elements that aren’t even in the picture. You can see the shadow of the tree but not the tree itself. Lovely.


2 thoughts on “Inspired by colour and light – Day 234

  1. Katherine

    I LOVE both of these! I like Vanderpas’s blue rock line in the top painting! That’s so pretty, and exactly how I would envision those rocks if I had seen them! I’m going to see if they have websites! Thanks!

    1. bstonehouse

      Isn’t her work fantastic? I wish I had the opportunity to speak with her at the show. Both artists websites are linked – just click on their name and it should take you to their websites.

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