Buckhorn Fine Art Festival – Day 232

Today John and I drove to the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. It’s their 35th anniversary and it’s always an amazing show. They have booths in the main Community Centre as well as in little buildings around the property that are connected by pathways and beautiful outdoor seating areas.

We met up with my parents and we enjoyed a beverage in the beer/wine garden while listening to the Peterborough Concert Band and getting caught up. It was the perfect day weather-wise – blue skies and sunshine and about 20C.

I often go to art shows and usually my focus is on the artwork itself. This time, however, I was looking at how artists displayed their work, whether they were originals or prints or both, if they sold note cards or smaller matted prints and what the price points were. I’ve been debating on whether to do shows or not and wanted to get some idea of what I would need to look at for presentation and inventory.

There was some amazing work and some that I didn’t fancy too much which is normal for a show like this. About 10 booths in John told me my work was underpriced based on what we were seeing….I reminded him there weren’t people lined up at my door to buy at this point!

Some artists stood outside of their booth, some stood inside the booth and others were working on their art. Doug Comeau, an incredible pencil artist, was working on a drawing of a sea turtle that was just amazing. He was very friendly and was talking to visitors while he was working. I asked if it was alright if I took his photo while he was working and he agreed. His drawings look like photos and I could spend hours looking at them, they’re so realistic. He layers the pencil – putting it on, taking it off with the eraser and then shading it back in again to get the effects he’s looking for.

He’s self-taught and has been drawing for 30 years and he said he draws every single day. He does a lot of shows throughout the year and will be at the Kawartha Arts Festival in Fenelon Falls on Labour Day weekend. He also has the Timberwolf Gallery in Trenton so stop in if you’re by that way.

Here’s Doug working at the Festival:



And here is one of his amazing graphite drawings: