Blogging Awards – Day 224

I have been nominated for a number of blogging awards over the past couple of months and I have been completely remiss in thanking those who nominated me. I started this blog as a personal journal of my 365 days of drawing and through it I have connected with so many wonderful people. Your comments and ‘likes’ encourage me to keep going and have provided great advice when I needed it. THANK YOU!

One Lovely Blog AwardOne Lovely Blog Award – I was nominated for this award twice! Thank you to Eva Kondzialkiewicz at EK Photography and Art Gallery for this award. Her photography is fantastic and her oil paintings are so bright and cheery.

Geralin from The Colourful Sketchbook also nominated me for this award. I love her paintings – full of colour and so much fun!

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardVery Inspiring Blogger Award – I was nominated for this award twice as well! First by C.C.Charron – his blog “Off the Wall” features his doodles and amazing space paintings. Always something cool to be seen!

I was also nominated by Sophia at “Sophy’s World of Art” who is an incredible illustrator and does amazing things in Photoshop!

Commentator AwardCommenter Award – Elisa Cashiola from “The Blog of a Placement Designer” nominated me for this award. She has such great suggestions and advice on her blog on how feng shui can help your personally, professionally and creatively.

These awards all have rules….you have to post the award, thank your nominator, share 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and let them know about it. I’m going to cheat a bit – I’ll give you 7 things about me but instead of nominating 15 new blogs I will encourage you to follow those that nominated me since I would nominate them right back!

1. I have two sons, Devon and Mitchell who are out on their own. Devon is 21, Mitch is 19.
2. I have two cats, Boo and Hickory who are both black and fluffy!
3. I like white wine, anything but chardonnay.
4. I married the love of my life almost three years ago!
5. I play the piano but not as often as my husband would like.
6. I love gardening.
7. My favourite artist is Lawren Harris of the Group of Seven.

Please take a couple of minutes to visit the bloggers who nominated me, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

5 thoughts on “Blogging Awards – Day 224

  1. Linspired

    Ha ha, funny – I also posted about the Lovely Blog Award on the weekend and I nomimated you in it before I saw this. So just so you know, you actually got 3 nominations for that one! 😉

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