Starting another painting – Day 223

I’ve been working on the portrait this week but when I went to use my paints they were pretty much at their end. I mix my paint and put the colours onto a paper palette which goes into an airtight container and store in the freezer. The paint can last a couple of weeks which is really convenient. When it starts to get thick though it’s time to throw that palette out and start again.

I was trying to use up the paint today since it was headed for the garbage, so I did the large areas on the portrait and then started on a new painting.

I’ve had a small Muskoka autumn landscape drawn out for a while now (it’s 12″ x 12″) and it was the perfect opportunity to use up the greens and blues I already had mixed. This is just the first layer of paint so the colours don’t have to be perfect – I will be more precise in the next layers.

Here’s the original photo and the drawing:


Here’s the beginning of the first layer of paint: