An amazing underwater gallery – Day 222

I’m still working on the portrait I can’t show you……and it’s killing me! I’d love to be able to share my progress with you but it’s a surprise gift so I can’t. I’m trying to remember to take some photos as I go so I can show you how it developed when it’s finally done.

I found this video of an underwater art exhibit by Andreas Frankes that I just found fascinating and I had to share. Who would’ve thought of creating an art exhibit underwater on an old shipwreck?

“One Year after Andreas Frankes visit to the Vandenberg his images of the wreck were filled with charming stories and now it is high time to exhibit them. No better place as the place where the project began.
Since August 4th 2011 divers can benefit from a very special experience and find a package of 12 images placed on the hulk of the artificial reef General Hoyt S. Vandenberg located 100 feet below sealevel and approximately seven miles south of Key West.

Divers at the Vandenberg Exhibition Andreas Franke’s exhibition contains twelve pictures showing every day scenes from past times. The stage of those scenes is the place the pictures are exhibited now, the Vandenberg.
The images are encased between sheets of Plexiglas with a stainless steel frame. A silicone seal keeps out the water. The images are attached to the ship by strong magnets which grants a damage free removing after the end of the exhibition.
Andreas about the images “Mystified scenes of the past that play in a fictional space. Dreamworlds, where you can get lost or you can identify with. This makes a new and unexpected atmosphere.”