‘Split Rail Fence’ limited edition print and note cards are up! Day 221

I’ve finally gotten the limited edition prints of the Split Rail Fence up in my Etsy Shop along with the note cards of the same image.

I recently picked up the original painting after it was displayed at The Lindsay Gallery as part of their annual Juried Show and delivered it to its new owner. It’s really a thrill when someone purchases my work, especially an original!

The limited edition print is the same size as the original – 18″ x 24″ and is on stretched canvas. I love them done this way as the image is reflected on to the sides and everything is finished so it’s ready to hang. I have one up in my office at work and I’m getting a lot of compliments on it!

The note cards look fantastic too and I imagine they’ll sell fairly quickly (at least I hope they will!)

Split Rail Fence print

Limited edition print on canvas

Split Rail Fence card

The blank note card with envelope.

Split Rail Fence card back

The back of the card features a thumbnail of the image, the details of the original painting and my contact info.

4 thoughts on “‘Split Rail Fence’ limited edition print and note cards are up! Day 221

  1. cherylpeddie

    Congrats Brenda, the giclée and cards look great. How are you finding managing your Etsy shop? I never know how to estimate shipping charges from Canada, so I’ve been putting off trying to set one up. Keep up the lovely work!

    1. bstonehouse

      Hi Cheryl,
      The Etsy shop was more work to set it up than I thought originally. Having to come up with detailed descriptions for things as well as shipping costs was pretty daunting. Finally I just looked at what others were charging for shipping and guessed. I figure after the first sale I’ll know better about the actual shipping cost and can change it if it’s required.

      I’ve been spending a lot of time interacting on Etsy – adding people to my circle and choosing items as my favourites just to get my name out there.

      I did do a search ad for a week and it got me a lot of views but no sales. In researching I’ve found that July and August are generally very slow months for sales so I’ve decided to hold off to the fall before I pay for advertising again. It was very reasonable – the low end is $7 per week US so it isn’t huge amounts of money but I’m better to spend it when people are actually looking!

  2. bev roy

    Love the split rail painting, Is there any chance of seeing the print other than on computer before purchasing.

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