A mystery lily – Day 220

We had a great time over the weekend with our friends who came to visit. We ate too much, drank too much, got sunburnt and laughed a lot. It was perfect!

I’m well into the second layer of paint on the commissioned portrait and it’s really coming together. If I can get a couple of good days of painting I may be done by the end of the week.

The heat and humidity were gone today and there was a beautiful cool breeze. It’s been such a hot, dry summer the gardens are really stressed. We bought a number of asiatic lilies to put around our new pond and a couple of them didn’t have tags on them so we didn’t know what colour or type they were. Two of them bloomed a while ago and the flowers were a beautiful cream and orange-ish colour.

The last lily bloomed this past week and it’s absolutely stunning. I haven’t seen one with flowers like this before – they face down towards the ground and are quite curly. I think I may just have to paint these at some point!




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