A big, and important, sale! Day 215

Today I boxed up a really big order of note cards.

My friend Christi took the “Always Room for Friends” card to Clevelands House in Muskoka the last time she went for an association meeting. She had asked me if she could take the card because she wanted to show it to the owners of the resort since the painting is of Clevelands House. Unfortunately she had to leave early but left the card with a board member of the association thinking they would share it with the owners.

What happened instead is that the Ontario Municipal Taxation and Revenue Association (OMTRA) purchased 250 cards for their 10th anniversary conference being held at Clevelands House this fall! They will be given to all the attendees of the conference in their ‘goody bag’.

I am so honoured to have my cards chosen for this and excited that they will be given to delegates from across the province. It’s also a great reminder that you never know where the orders will come from!

Always Room for Friends Note Card

12 thoughts on “A big, and important, sale! Day 215

  1. Jesse Hamilton

    From all of as at Clevelands House, we are happy to hear about your cards and that they will be making a return to the resort for the upcoming OMTRA conference. Congrats! Jesse Hamilton, General Manager, Clevelands House Resort.

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you Jesse! I’m so glad you like the cards! My visit was in 2008 and I took the picture and knew someday I would paint it. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. I also have limited edition prints and the original just returned from The Lindsay Gallery’s Juried Show. It placed 4th in the People’s Choice award – everyone loves the colours!

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