Cleaning and Organizing – Day 208

My Windows of the Community painting is coming along. I spent an hour on it this morning before work and another hour or so after work.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working at decluttering and cleaning things out. It started with my studio/office….I cleaned out the closet, and John removed the shelves in there and took the doors off. The inside of the closet was blue when the rest of the room was off-white so I ended up painting it to match and putting a new bookcase in there for my art supplies. I still need a couple more shelves put into the closet and a large shelf over the desk is going to be removed and put elsewhere. It’s starting to feel much better, now that I have cleaned out almost everything that doesn’t belong in that room.

Tonight I worked on the bedroom closets – the spare room holds the off season clothes and our bedroom closet has the current stuff. Unfortunately I hadn’t quite gotten around to switching things this spring so I’m waaaaay behind on that! I’ve filled a bag with clothes for the Salvation Army and another for garbage day tomorrow and got the majority of things moved to where they should be.

There are still quite a few things left to finish on my cleaning/organizing/improving to-do list but it’s nice to get a couple of them checked off!


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