What a Day – Day 204

Today was quite a day. It was John’s father’s 75th birthday so we took his parents out this morning for a bit of an outing and some shopping. We stopped by Home Depot to get some paint since we are looking to paint our back hallway and the rest of the office. When we stopped to drop John’s parents off at their house. He opened the back of the SUV and a paint can fell out, the lid came off and half a gallon of off-white paint spilled all over their driveway.

We sopped up some with some paper towels and then decided to clean it up with the hose which turned out to be a mistake. The paint didn’t dilute the way we thought it would so it went in chunks down the side of the road to the storm sewer. Oh my! We kept at it though and it turned it ok, we got it all cleaned up and then left them to head home. Unfortunately though, it left a nice off-white stain on their nice dark driveway.

Tonight we had a guy come by offering to seal our driveway since he was working in the neighbourhood. I’ve lived here for 13 years and have never had it done so John decided to do it. So now my in-laws driveway is off-white and ours is really black instead of dark gray! Talk about contrasts.

I found this really neat art project by Guilherme Kramer from Brazil, I hope you enjoy it.

Have you ever felt lost in the crowd, a nameless face wandering in the masses? Well, Brazilian artist Guilherme Kramer decided to eliminate those feelings of loneliness by giving each nameless face that he saw proper recognition. Across the course of one year, Kramer was inspired to draw the faces that he saw in his daily life onto a giant blank wall of an office in São Paulo, Brazil. The piece, entitled We See People In the Crowd, grew face-by-face until the wall was completely covered.