Summer Flowers is now up in my Etsy Shop!

I posted “Summer Flowers” the palette knife painting of the summer garden into my Etsy shop today. My goal is to post one painting a week to my shop to increase my listings and hopefully get more traffic.

There’s definitely more to Etsy than I first thought. It’s not only an online shop, it’s also a community. Like all other social media ‘channels’ you really have to take the time to get involved and make connections. I’ve been spending a little time every day putting other Etsy shop owners in my ‘circle’ and marking different items and shops as my favourites. The more I interact within Etsy the more my shop is seen by others which is good! I can see how this could take a heck of a lot of time though.

It’s definitely a lot to learn and I’m grateful for everyone’s suggestions and tips and tricks. Here’s hoping this will translate into sales at some point!


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