Progress on my Windows of the Community Painting – Day 202

This morning I was back at work on the Windows of the Community Painting. I’m donating this to the United Way and The Lindsay Gallery and it will be auctioned off in August in Bobcaygeon. I’m working with a palette knife on masonite and the finished painting will be attached to the back of the window I selected.

Today I worked on getting the shapes roughed in. There is still a space in the corner of the orange-ish tree on the left…..I ran out of orange paint just as I ran out of time this morning so instead of mixing new paint I left it for tomorrow. It’s starting to take shape!


4 thoughts on “Progress on my Windows of the Community Painting – Day 202

  1. Katherine

    Indeed, it is starting to take shape beautifully! I can’t believe you achieve such lovely effects with a palette knife. That takes a great deal of skill, I’m thinking. And I can see how the depth of the mood and expression with the knife is unique and different from what you would see if it had been done with brush.

    1. bstonehouse

      Quite frankly, I can’t believe I get the effects I do either! It’s amazing to me that I can put dabs of paint on a board and it ends up looking like it’s supposed to 🙂

  2. cherylpeddie

    Way to go on the great work Brenda – I always enjoy seeing other artists’ work that’s in progress. Looking forward to seeing it as it develops!

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