Beginning my Windows painting….with a helper. Day 201

I’ve begun work on the painting for the Windows of the Community fundraiser. I’m using a palette knife with acrylics on a masonite board which I will attach to the window once it’s finished.

I have a long table in my studio that I work at and I was putting the light blue in for the sky when our cat Hickory jumped up on the table and ran right through the paint I just put down to get to the window! I grabbed her, but not before she put blue paw prints everywhere. I fixed the ones she had left on the painting and then cleaned up the table. I tried wiping the paint off her paws but she wasn’t having any of it. Good thing acrylics dry quickly!

Here’s my work area:


and Hickory’s blue paw. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Beginning my Windows painting….with a helper. Day 201

  1. Katherine

    I really like your studio desk there, with the bright light from the window. It’s definitely a happy productive place! The painting is looking great!

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