Day 200 – What have I accomplished?

It’s Day 200 and I thought it was time to take a look at what I’ve accomplished so far this year. Sometimes I feel stuck and that I’m not moving forward so I figured this was a good way to remind myself of what I’ve done.

When I went through my blog posts I’ve realized how much I’ve learned over the past 200 days. I have discovered new artists and new techniques and I’ve also received amazing advice and support from the blogging community. Thanks everyone!
January 3 – My first iPad drawing!

January 4 – My first iPad painting.

January 5 – A pencil drawing

January 7 – Another pencil drawing – not so good

January 9 – Another iPad painting

January 15 – An iPad painting of a champagne bottle – one of my favourites

January 23 – An iPad painting using Brushes

January 30 – An iPad painting using Art Rage

January 31 – Another iPad painting using Brushes

February 6 – I had business cards printed!

February 7 – I was a panelist at Artrepreneur in Peterborough

February 13 – A new website for my Dad and I at

February 14 – I finished the Muskoka Chairs painting which I called “Always Room for Friends”

February 21 – Another iPad painting

February 23 – I started a commissioned portrait (This one still isn’t done….I will get back to it shortly)

March 2 – I finished a commissioned painting – Tied to a Dream II

March 7 – My Dad and I went to Alexandra Public School to make a presentation to the Grade 4/5 students

March 19 – I finished a little 8 x 10 painting of orchids

March 25 – A quick drawing

April 8 – Drawings I need while on vacation

May 8 – An iPad painting

May 12 -An iPad painting in Art Rage

May 18 – I ordered prints and fine art cards from Spitting Images Canvas Studio in Bobcaygeon

May 20 – Some ideas for an abstract outdoor painting (still to be done)

May 26 – Finished a drawing on canvas (still waiting to be painted)

June 2 – Approved my prints and fine art cards – off to print!

June 3 – I took a course on how to paint with a palette knife. I love it! (The painting in this post has since sold)

June 4 – Another palette knife painting complete

June 5 – The split rail fence painting is finished!

June 6 – Plein air painting

June 13 – My prints and fine art cards arrive!

June 14 – Two of my limited edition prints are headed to Japan!

June 15 – Another palette knife painting complete.

June 19 – My prints presented to Mayor Kato of Nayoro, Japan by Kawartha Lakes Mayor Ric McGee

June 26 – The annual painting of the Canadian flag at Wilson Fields in Lindsay

June 28 – The opening reception of The Lindsay Gallery’s Juried Show. Two of my paintings were selected for the exhibit!

July 6 – My fine art cards and selected limited edition prints are now available at Spitting Images Canvas Gallery in Bobcaygeon.

July 9 – An iPad painting.

July 12 – Another palette knife painting completed. This was a commission.

July 13 – My Etsy Shop is open!