Our new pond is done! Day 180

Our new pond is done and it looks fantastic! A while ago my husband John decided we needed a larger pond. We put in a small pond a few years ago and the garden had grown up around it so it was hard to see. Fish also didn’t do well in it since the water temperature got warm so quickly.

Last Friday, my brother-in-law Rob came over with his Kubota and started digging the hole. It was a lot of rock and clay so it was pretty tough going. When I came home from work I was surprised at how large the ‘pond’ was going to be! It’s approximately 12′ by 9′ although the shape is irregular. It’s almost 4′ deep which will give a lot of room for fish.

Yesterday we put down the underlay and the liner and today we landscaped around it. I placed rocks around the pond, moved some plants and split some others and put in a few new perennials. We kept the small pond and are using it as a filtering pond. The pump takes water from the bottom of the large pond up to a spillway which leads into the small pond. We have filtering plants – irises and water hyacinths – which should filter the water and keep things clean. Gravity takes the water from the small pond over the little waterfall into the large pond. Next weekend we’ll be adding some koi.

So now that the heavy work is done, we’re going to sit on our deck and enjoy the pond for the rest of our holiday!

The small pond


And the new pond!





2 thoughts on “Our new pond is done! Day 180

  1. Bruce Stonehouse

    Congratulations Brenda and John on creating this oasis of pleasure and enjoyment.

  2. Wendy Chambers

    Looks just lovely JM & Brenda. Will be over to see it in the not too distant future/

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