Oh Canada! Day 176

I’m a little late in posting this. Being on holidays I’m very quickly losing track of time! We’ve been working on our new pond which has taken the majority of our time so far but on Saturday I did my annual trek out to Wilson Fields to paint the giant flag for Canada Day.

My friends Wally and Don and I have painted the flag for 8 or 9 years now (we can never remember how many). We’ve got it down to a science now and we can have the entire 30′ x 60′ flag painted in under two hours. Don brings the compressor and two paint guns and we use a stencil of the maple leaf in the center. The paint is the same stuff they use in sports stadiums and is designed to last through all kinds of weather.

When we first painted the flag we did it on grass and it only lasted a couple of weeks before it was gone. A few years ago Parks & Rec put in rocks for us so the flag stays pretty much all year. Obviously it fades quite a bit but the impression of last year’s flag was plain to see,.

We always start with the white paint and it seems like nothing is happening. You go over and over it and it doesn’t look any different. Then when you add the red paint, voila! it just pops.

On Canada Day the flag is a popular spot with all kinds of people sitting on or by it to have their picture taken.

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada! Day 176

  1. MoniqueE.

    Hey, I ran across a freshly pressed blog todat that features an artist a month. The photographer wanted to know if her readers knew of any artists to feature. I contacted her on your behalf. She said if you are interested to contact her. What have you got to lose? Perfect to make guest appearances when you are launching an Etsy site.
    Her blog is http://traceycaponephotography.com/2012/06/25/meet-the-artist-chicago-artist-scott-stoltman/
    She did a really nice job with this month’s artist.
    Hope you can use the lead!

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