My prints presented to Mayor Kato of Nayoro, Japan! Day 171

Today at a Special City of Kawartha Lakes Council meeting two of my prints were presented to Mayor Kato of Nayoro, Japan. The Town of Lindsay (part of Kawartha Lakes) has been twinned with Nayoro for 43 years and every four years they send a delegation to visit us. This year there are 21 people of all ages who have come to see Kawartha Lakes, learn about our city and visit some Ontario landmarks such as Niagara Falls.

It is customary to exchange gifts during the visit and this usually happens in a formal setting such as a council meeting. There is a gift given from Mayor to Mayor, and another gift given from one Council to the other. My prints were given as the council gift and will be displayed at City Hall in Nayoro.

As I mentioned before, the apple blossoms in my paintings were from the trees on the property of City Hall. Every spring I go out with my camera and take hundreds of photos of the blooms and I’ve painted a number of them. Mayor McGee was in the office when my prints were delivered and he thought they would make the perfect gift for the Nayoro Council.

“In the Pink” and “Blooming” are 12″ x 12″ limited edition prints on stretched canvas and are numbered and signed. Both were the first print in the series and were numbered 1/100. I also included a description of the work and the inspiration behind them. They were very pleased with the gift and Mayor Kato thanked me and complimented my work.

It was a very proud day for me!

Presentation of prints to Mayor Kato

Presentation of prints to Mayor Kato

Mayor Kato

Mayor Kato showing the print to the delegation.

8 thoughts on “My prints presented to Mayor Kato of Nayoro, Japan! Day 171

  1. Bruce Stonehouse

    Congratulations Brenda: What an enriching experience. Now you just need to travel to Japan to observe Public reaction.

    1. bstonehouse

      Thanks Dad! There will be a delegation from Lindsay going to Nayoro in 2014….maybe I should put my name in! Only obstacle is money (of course).

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