Dealing with Challenges – Day 169

Today I had a lovely visit with my parents in celebration of Father’s Day. We spent some time outside, enjoyed a fabulous lunch and then shared our thoughts on apps for iPod and iPad. My dad has had an iPad 2 since it was released and my mom recently bought an iPod and an iMac. It was fun to compare notes on different apps we’ve tried.

Once I was home I did a bit of work on the autumn palette knife painting and then I got to work on the computer to set up my online shop. And that’s when the frustration started.

First, I needed a PayPal account so I went in and got that set up as a business account. I went to add my bank account and couldn’t find the transit number for my account. Why don’t banks make this info easy to find? It seems the only place the transit number actually appears is on a cheque. Since I’ve never used cheques on this account I don’t have any on hand (something else I need to do!) I checked my online profile, no luck. I sorted through a bunch of files and found an old statement for the account – nothing there either. I ended up Googling it and finding it that way.

After I put in the right info it said that I need to verify the account. They made two small deposits into my account and in 3-5 days I should receive them. Then I can log into Paypal and enter the deposit amounts. 3-5 days??? Sigh. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the security measures, I just get frustrated with how long everything seems to take!

Next I went over to Meylah to set up my shop. I created my bio and put in my contact info, decided on the layout and then started to add an item. It was then I realized that Meylah only deals in US dollars. Right now the Canadian dollar is pretty much on par with the US but if that changes then it could cause me some problems. So now I’m back to looking at Etsy.

Needless to say, I didn’t get my shop online today. I decided to move onto something else and set up the spreadsheet to track my sales. Sometimes it just seems there’s so much to do and so many decisions to make!