More sales and a new painting! Day 167

Today was amazing! I sold the original of the split rail fence to a friend of mine first thing this morning. She saw the original photo and fell in love with it and I showed her the painting at different stages as it progressed. She finally decided that she needed to own the original and I am thrilled! It’s currently being photographed and then I will be entering it into The Lindsay Gallery Juried Show. If it’s selected she’ll have to wait until the end of July for it but if it doesn’t make it in she will take it home right away.

I went to a meeting this morning and at the last minute I grabbed a selection of my note cards to take with me. There were a couple of people at the meeting who often ask about my work so I wanted to show them how the prints turned out. Within minutes I had sold eight cards! I was shocked and in fact I was completely unprepared. I was asked if I had change and I hadn’t even brought my purse to the meeting! I was just so excited about having the cards that I didn’t honestly think about selling them. I’m definitely going to have to change that moving forward.

This morning I finished this little palette knife painting too so all in all it was a great day!


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