Two of my prints are headed to Japan! Day 166

Two of my apple blossom paintings have been purchased by the Mayor of the City of Kawartha Lakes to be presented to the Mayor of Nayoro, Japan as a gift to be displayed in their city hall.

Lindsay, Ontario has been twinned with Nayoro, Japan for years and a number of students have taken advantage of the opportunity to go to Japan on an exchange, living with a family for a number of months.

Mayor Ric McGee has purchased two of my apple blossom paintings as a gift for the Japanese delegation with the intent that they be displayed at City Hall in Nayoro. The photos the paintings were based on were taken of the apple trees at City Hall in Lindsay in the spring when they were beautifully in bloom.

It is a great honour for me to have my work given as a gift of such importance. I look forward to Tuesday’s Special Council Meeting where they will be presented to the Mayor of Nayoro!

Here are the two prints the Mayor chose:


18 thoughts on “Two of my prints are headed to Japan! Day 166

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you! It’s really become a habit to do something every day although some days it can be a bit of a struggle. It’s really motivated me though and has allowed me to get a lot accomplished!

  1. Monique Egelhoff

    Congratulations! There’s more to this story…How did the mayor come to choose your work? I can see why he picked you, now I want to know how. I love that we get to watch your career develop. as well as watch you grow as an artist.

    1. bstonehouse

      You’re right – there is more to the story. I work at City Hall and my prints were delivered to my office so of course I had to show them off to all my co-workers. The Mayor came by and I showed him as well and he immediately said the two prints would be the perfect gift for the Japanese delegation. It’s tradition to do two gifts – one from Mayor to Mayor – and one from City Hall to City Hall. Since the apple trees I painted are on the grounds of City Hall here he felt it would be appropriate to have them hang in Nayoro City Hall. We have a display case here of all the gifts we’ve received from the Japanese – beautiful artwork and textiles and carved items. I’m really honoured that my work is being given as part of such an important tradition!

  2. MoniqueE.

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    I’ve been watching this Canadian painter grow and develop and she is launching her career as a fine artist. She is self-taught and extremely talented and will be selling her work and prints soon. Follow her and watch the magic happen.

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