My prints have arrived! Day 165

My prints arrived today! Lara and Kevin from Spitting Images in Bobcaygeon did a fantastic job on them and I am thrilled. I also have to thank Mark Ridout for taking such amazing photos of my work!

I have each of the apple blossoms (four in all) done as 12″ x 12″ stretched canvas, Tied to a Dream as a 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas, Always Room for Friends (Muskoka chairs) 24″ x 24″ on fine art paper and Tied to a Dream 16″ x 20″ on fine art paper. I also got eight different paintings done as note cards.

I’m finalizing pricing and hope to have my online store up and running this weekend!

One of the apple blossoms on canvas and Tied to a Dream on canvas.


The prints on fine art paper!


Note cards


10 thoughts on “My prints have arrived! Day 165

  1. Katherine

    Wow! That’s so exciting! I’m looking forward to hearing all the details of starting your online store, too! The prints are fantastic!

  2. MoniqueE.Monique

    How exciting! Congratulations…Are you setting up shop on Etsy? You’re social media savvy and that’s what you need to make a site there work for you. Can’t wait to witness your continued success.

    1. bstonehouse

      Hi Monique, I’m actually going to set up a Meylah shop. It’s free to start and it’s not as huge as Etsy…I was afraid my work would get swallowed up there. Stay tuned…I hope to have it up soon!

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