Palette painting en plein air – Day 162

Today John set my easel up outside and I got out a canvas and my acrylic paints. I had no plan, no drawing…..just a blank canvas, paint and palette knives.

I decided to paint the beautiful deep fuschia peonies up against the fence. It was fun although I did get a little frustrated with the knife at times. I’m still struggling with the looseness of palette knife painting as opposed to the detailed paintings I usually do. Because of this I think I overworked the flowers. I may try to go back in at some point and see if I can’t fix them up but for now I consider it a good day’s work.



10 thoughts on “Palette painting en plein air – Day 162

  1. Steve Kubien aka @greenleafwood

    Oh, I wish I could pick up my lathe and turn outside. For years I’ve been thinking about building an old-fashioned foot-powered lathe, setting it up in the yard and having at it. Perhaps I’ll still be able to do that in my new place, wherever it may be. I hope so.

  2. BreOfficialBlog

    I think this painting looks Lovely = ). I always thought “en plein air” would be very nice to do yet I generally have to plan out something if I want it to look “good” or somewhat like what I saw ;p.Have a fantastic day. God Bless

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you! I have been very much the same way – everything planned out before I get out the paint. It was wonderful to not have to plan or think….just put the paint on the canvas. I will admit I had quite a few moments when i thought it was horrible and not good enough but then I reminded myself it was all about having fun. And there’s always the option of destroying it if you don’t like it 🙂

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