Getting things done – Day 161

Today was a typical Saturday with lots of chores to do and errands to run. We accomplished a lot which feels really good!

We’ve been busy cleaning out the house and paring down the ‘stuff’ so we made a trip to the dump (or the ‘tip’ as my British born husband calls it), took back beer and wine bottles, dropped off four bags of clothes at the Salvation Army, donated two bags of books to the library for their used book sale and gave my father-in-law some pine boards we had.

We’ve also been busy out in the yard. I weeded some of the gardens and we cut back a few trees and cleaned up the resulting mess. John wanted to cut the lawn again but it was too wet after the rain we had this morning.

I fit in a bit of drawing on the Trilliums, preparing it for painting. It’s a big canvas – 24″ x 36″ so it’s taking a while to get it drawn out.

On my business to-do list I am making progress! I’ve set up a Paypal account and created a Meylah account. I also confirmed with the small business enterprise centre that I don’t need to register my business or get an HST number. My prints are going to be delivered on Wednesday which is very exciting! I’m also having photos taken of the split rail fence and the purple orchids the same day. Things are coming together.

To top it all off my beautiful iris came out in full bloom, isn’t it gorgeous?