Making a list – Day 159

I’ve been working on another little palette knife painting and it’s coming along well. My To Do Listprints are going to be ready soon and I’ve been showing off the proofs. I’ve been asked about pricing, what sizes and types of prints are available and how people can order them so it’s time to get organized and get things done!

I’m still debating between opening my online store on Etsy or Meylah. They both have their pros and cons and I guess I just need to choose one and get started. I can always switch it up later or have more than one online outlet if I become instantly successful, right? Lol.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately so I got out the pad of paper and made a to-do list. It’s amazing how simply writing things down helps me to focus!

Here’s the list:

  • create price list and options for prints
  • open an online store
  • frame the split rail fence painting
  • arrange for photos of split rail fence and orchid paintings
  • finish the commissioned portrait
  • commissioned fall palette knife painting ( I also sold one of the paintings I did last weekend!)
  • create an inventory list

Time to get busy!

2 thoughts on “Making a list – Day 159

  1. chai

    I understand the situation. I recommend using meylah. You can share your products on many Meylah powered marketplaces from one store and it has 3 ways to generate money. The platform is social commerce so u can share information easily. That is why we have used to curate local marketplace to support Washington state artists. We are growing and supporting our community.!! Hope this helps..

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