The split rail fence is FINISHED! Day 157

It’s finished! This evening I finished the final section of the split rail fence painting and I’m so happy. This day has certainly been a long time coming.

I need to paint the edges black and I may go back in and touch up something if it catches my eye and bothers me. As with all my paintings I will leave it for a few days before I sign it. Then I’ll be taking it to be photographed….hopefully before I enter it into The Lindsay Gallery Juried Show. I have to put in my application next week and then drop my paintings off on June 25. I can enter two pieces so I will also be submitting the Muskoka Chairs which I have called “Always Room for Friends”.

Right now though I’m going to celebrate my accomplishment with a glass of wine. Cheers to you – for keeping me going on this project. I appreciate all of your support!


15 thoughts on “The split rail fence is FINISHED! Day 157

  1. Bruce Stonehouse

    Congratulations and celebrate your success ,but…..please don’t ask for a raise.

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