Rain! And progress on the painting – Day 153

It’s raining! The grass and gardens and my head are appreciative. My migraine is finally completely gone and things are starting to look green again. Our rain barrels are full and we actually bought another one today. We want to try to use the rain barrels to water our gardens this summer rather than using the water from the hose. It appears it may be dry so we want to conserve as much as we can.

I just have one area left to deal with on the split rail fence. I finished the grass around the flowers this morning so I only have the trees above the top rail to deal with now. This painting is almost done!


6 thoughts on “Rain! And progress on the painting – Day 153

  1. soloneili

    I’ve been delighted to follow the progress of this painting Brenda and I’d like to congratulate you on this magnificent piece. The composition is quite stunning, the way the fence leads the eye into the painting and the treatment of the textures are superb. I know we are all different in how we react to paintings but this one represents so much to me, a mix of the natural world I love and the organic beauty of wood, quite intoxicating. Above all the fence with its twists and turns, its age and purpose, fills the poet inside me with metaphor. I really love this and I could go on and on LOL. Stunning piece, good luck with the concluding section.
    Best wishes. Neil

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you so much Neil! One more little section and then it will be done. I’m going to submit it to the juried show at The Lindsay Gallery…hopefully it will be selected. I’m also planning on having prints made of it since it seems to resonate with a lot of people!

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